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The following is a list of websites which I have designed and developed. I performed all aspects of the design & architecture processes (except as noted), from initial comps to fully interactive sites. Where the site design has changed, a mirror of the original site is linked if available. Some Enterprise-Level sites are not available to the public.
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eBusiness/Transactional Portal/eZine Music Industry Personal (e-commerce site/corporate portal) R Solution, Inc. 
        (corporate portal - COMING SOON) (official Citizen Cope fan site) Life Flies Away: A The Life of Nick Drake (music tribute site COMING SOON) (Sun-focused e-commerce site/corporate portal) AP3net (zero-maintenance portal concept) MentalState Records (independent record label site) (home business capabilities site) (e-commerce site/corporate portal) 2000 DeltaEcho (eZine concept) zOned beef (fringe band site) (resume site)
U.S. Department of Commerce HRDS (real-time transactional Human Resources Data System) (government portal) Hungry Mind Review (euro-pop band site) (streaming internet radio site) 

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