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GTSI Corp. (formerly Government Technology Services, Inc.) offers nearly 300,000 products to Federal, State, Local & Multi-National governments on more than 70 contract vehicles.  As Manager of Web Design, Development & Production, I served as the Creative Director, Lead Designer, Lead Developer and Site Architect on all of the projects below.
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1999-2002 GTSI Corp. Web Sites - July 2001
Through a long-fought design process, this version of, finally brought usability into focus.  Already Section 508 compliant, the front-end was rebuilt from scratch, links were segmented into logical groups allowing users to quickly learn and remember the new navigation format.  The light foreground brought products into focus while navigation fell to a less obtrusive, supporting role.  Key enhancements include simpler cart access and status display, dynamic pricing on product ads, and the capability to re-purpose the entire site function and database on the fly for true custom agency or partner e-commerce portals.  Note: Our two main competitors were 1-2 months behind with their new sites, but this version was never launched to the public. (e-commerce site/corporate portal) July 2001 (e-commerce site/corporate portal) March 2000 - July 2000
An initial step toward truly integrated marketing, a jump page welcomed viewers in this release offering a simple but limited menu of options to enter the site.  Working closely with the CEO, the design had two primary goals: to simplify navigation and to put a focus on print marketing campaigns.  We later added holiday campaigns to supplement the print marketing campaigns which dramatically increased traffic.  The internals of the site were largely unchanged though tweaking was made to menu navigation.  Section 508 compliance was built into this version and validated by the W3C and CAST. - April 2000
Previous versions of were corporate portals with catalogs as a secondary feature.  In Q4 of 1999, we took a new approach: Pure E-Commerce.  Turning browsers into buyers was the focus of this release by creating customized subwebs for each customer group.  While the site was overhauled from the bottom up, the primary enhancement in this release was a vastly streamlined product search, reducing clicks to no more than three for, theoretically, any purchase.  MouseOver menus contributed to this reduction in clicks for both catalog and corporate information.  Another key feature introduced during this release: Sponsored Manufacturer Store Fronts which pre-dated and are a standard in every major e-commerce site today. (e-commerce site/corporate portal) March 2000 - 2001 (government portal) - 2002 (Sun-focused e-commerce site/corporate portal)
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