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The Department of Commerce manages international trade, economic development, intellectual property rights, technology standards, population statistics, and atmospheric data for the U.S.  As Sr. Web Developer and Configuration Management Lead, I served as the Creative Director, Lead Designer, Lead Developer and Site Architect on the HRDSweb project.
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1999 U.S. Department of Commerce HRDSweb Web Application

HRDSweb provides web-based HR data to authorized personnel.

  • Reporting Capability: 130+ different reports covering a variety of HR topics.

  • Multi-File Download: Create unique reports that can be downloaded to a PC.

  • Ad Hoc Query Module: Query 300+ fields of data for statistical information.

U.S. Department of Commerce HRDS (real-time transactional Human Resources Data System)

With a mandate to develop for a platform that was barely off the drawing board, this project required the establishment of strict coding and deployment standards and a truly platform-independent Java architecture.  The client wanted their client-server application migrated to a web-based, user friendly system with multiple security levels, reporting options, graphical charting, export options and, a real twist: printed reports were to look just like the plain jane, fixed width font reports that their client-server system produced.  With a number of challenges in front of us, we first created a Java development/compiler/distribution framework - as none were commercially available in 1998 that produced platform-independent code.  Browser-neutral cascading style sheets were used to control the look and feel of the data for web display while we engineered a utility that would filter the data on-the-fly from Java into a client-specific Adobe Acrobat file for archiving or printing.

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